Summer 2018

CS Access

The CS Gold team has been hard at work! They are focused on converting the rest of the GUI features into WebManager. Report Configuration is the most recent addition and we look forward to your feedback. The team has also supported the GET team to implement Open My Door and other Mobile ID features for GET. Preparing for UGC and an office move later this year is also keeping the team busy. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Red Rock!

Current version: 7.0.15 with Squadron 5.7.1 and WebManager 6.2.0
Next version: 7.0.16 with Squadron 5.7.2 and WebManager 6.2.1 is planned for a 4th quarter release.

Highlights of V7.0.15 and WebManager 6.2.0:

  • CS Gold Web Manager now includes online help! To access it, click the Help button that appears on WebManager page headers.
  • Support has been added for displaying video streams from cameras connected to a Cisco® Video Surveillance Media Server (VSMS) that do not share the same machine as the Video Surveillance Operations Manager (VSOM). Previously, only streams from cameras connected to the VSOM were displayed in CS Gold videos.
  • Allegion NDE/LE WiFi Lock firmware can be upgraded by downloading firmware from the Web Manager server.
  • The Datacard CR805™ card printer optional multi-hopper is now supported.

Spring 2018

CS Access

Current version: 7.0.13
Next version: 7.0.14 and WebSuite 6.1.6 is in beta now and the release is planned for this month. Highlights:

  • MorphoManager Universal BioBridge Multi-Factor Support
  • Remote Door now supports Aperio Lock and Unlock
  • Automated Access Assignments based on a Room Reservation
  • Squadron Current Version 5.6.5. Next Version 5.7.0 planned for this month. Highlights:
    • AD Firmware Package Downloads
      • Allegion® AD.A.110 firmware is included in Squadron
      • AD-400 ONR update process has been significantly improved.
    • Support has been added for Aperio locks with v3 hardware. This hardware correctly reports the lock state (locked versus unlocked), additional features such as card unlock and schedule unlock are now supported.
    • Squadron firmware has been updated with the current Linux kernel which provides the latest performance, stability, and security updates.