Summer 2018

The development teams have been hard at work! They are collaborating on user experience across teams and you will notice the results. Not only are we improving the look and feel, we are also standardizing the interface to be more similar across platforms. This is especially great for sites that have more than one CBORD solution.

For CS Gold, the team is focused on converting the rest of the GUI features into WebManager. Report Configuration is the most recent addition and we look forward to your feedback. Next up is Meal Plan Configuration. They have also supported the GET team to implement Open MyDoor and other Mobile ID features in GET. Preparing for UGC and an office move later this year are also keeping the team busy and very excited!

The Odyssey team has implemented a new look for Web Sales which makes it much more POS-like for sites that are using it for selling specific items. The next iteration will take it to the next level and we look forward to showing it to you at UGC. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Red Rock!

CS Gold

Current version: 7.0.15 and WebManager 6.2.0
Next version: 7.0.16 and WebManager 6.2.1 is planned for a 4th quarter release.

Highlights of V7.0.15 and WebManager V6.2.0:

  • CS Gold Web Manager now includes online help! To access it, click the Help button that appears on WebManager page headers.
    campus card
  • The Datacard CR805™ card printer optional multi-hopper is now supported.
  • Nearby peer-to-peer proximity verification has been added to CBORD Mobile ID. This is currently being tested at West Virginia University in conjunction with CS Automated Attendance.


Current version:†18.2
Next version:†18.3 is ready for beta now. Please email Sue if interested


  • Items in Web Sales are now represented on buttons in a grid layout instead of in a drop-down list.
    campus card
  • Card production improvements were made so the user can print directly from the Patron General tab vs. the menu. Automatic card changes upon printing is also supported now.
  • Contactless card numbers can now be read as the card passes through the printer if using Entrust Datacard TruCredential and supported printer.


Current version: 2.44
Next version: 2.45 releases in the last week of August.†


  • GET Rewards v1.0 release. Incentivize users to actively participate in your campus card program and drive interaction through the power of the loyalty system included with the GET platform.† Requires Odyssey PCS v7.12 or higher, CS Gold v7.0.14 or higher.
  • GET Rewards Fulfillment app release.† A new mobile app offering for manual item redemption for GET Rewards on any Android device.
  • Mobile ID Integration.† Access functions such as Open MyDoor, pay for laundry/vending, classroom attendance all through the existing GET app.
  • Ability to set nutritional information in the GET Food menu for calories, carbs and protein.† This is the first initiative to have additional nutritional information contained in GET with future plans to obtain the information from other CBORD solutions.

Spring 2018

The CS Gold and Odyssey teams have been hard at work integrating card printing functionality directly from the patron management screens. We now have an interface to Entrust Datacard TruCredential and HIDís Fargo Connect solution. We have also developed an interface with the OZZI reusable container system. We began beta testing GET Rewards and are very excited about how it will fit into our overall focus on the student. We are currently enhancing our GET infrastructure to better support cross-system functionality to bring you and your students even more. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months!


Current version: 7.0.12
Next version: 8.0 is in beta now and the release is planned for this month. This is the last version that supports the User Interface client. Highlights:

  • Web card production
  • Many improvements to the user experience including formatting and style changes. Also, the Terminals table view now supports dynamic search, column sorting, add/remove columns and export capabilities. We look forward to your input as these changes will be applied to other tables. The Patron History view is next.
  • Updated iOS Reader app is now easier to use including Touch ID support and additional offline capabilities.

CS Gold

Current version: 7.0.13.
Next version: 7.0.14 and WebSuite 6.1.6 is in beta now and the release is planned for this month. Highlights:

  • Web card production
  • Enhanced Oracle Auditing Table Maintenance
  • Notification Manager now supports Push Notifications
  • CS Automated Attendance
    • Instructor specified Automatic Messages
    • Class Attendance Data Import outside of PeopleSoft and Banner
    • New Attendance Reporting features