Summer 2019

Big news - we now provide mobile credential support for student ID cards in Apple Wallet! The Waco team was integral in making this happen and we’re very proud of this accomplishment. Get ready to see the future of mobile credentials in person at UGC!

CS Gold

Current version: CS Access 7.0.19 and WebManager 6.3.2 (ready for release)
Next version: CS Access 7.0.20 and WebManager 6.3.3 (in development)


  • Support for encoding CBORD MIFARE Secure Sector added to TruCredential card production
  • Improved presentation of close and/or recent locations in the Mobile ID location list
  • Freedom Pay credit card processing now supported in the Value Plus Reload Station
  • New reporting feature displays the number of cards dispensed in CS Gold
  • Meal plan configuration added to WebManager

meal plan setup


Current version: Odyssey 19.2
Next version: Odyssey 19.3 (in development)

Highlights: Many of the recent improvements are related to card production as more universities are printing cards with Odyssey.

  • Patron general save button is now yellow until selected and appears at the top of the page to eliminate scrolling
  • Support to capture patron photos with webcam (DSLR cameras can still be used but require a third-party application to behave like a webcam)
  • Web servers now required to be configured for SSL with a certificate from a certificate authority
  • Now support AdoptOpenJDK instead of Oracle Java
  • Tomcat upgraded to current version

demo, james


Current version: GET CBORD Student 2.58
Next version: GET CBORD Student 2.59 (September release)


  • Ongoing redesign project includes rewards and mobile access screens with the fully redesigned dashboard set to release late December 2019
  • Rewards now supports accumulation rules by specific plan/tender and activity number
  • Support for Apple Wallet provisioning allows students, faculty, and staff to enter facilities, use meal plans, make purchases, and more directly from their iPhone and Apple Watch

Spring 2019

To summarize our recent development efforts into one word: credentials! Between biometrics, card production, and mobile credentials, our team is always designing new methods to support all credential types.

CS Gold

Current version: CS Gold 7.0.18 and WebManager 6.3.1
Next version: CS Gold 7.0.19 and WebManager 6.3.2 (in development)

Highlights: The CS Gold team is hard at work in their fantastic new office space! We now support a wide range of smart cards using TruCredential or HID FARGO Connect, and we added new options for cropping photos in CS Gold. We also created a Card Print History table on the Patron Lookup General Info tab so you can view a running history of every card printed for a patron. The table provides the following patron information:

  • Print date and time for any patron card
  • Operator (Oracle login)
  • CS Gold user administrator who printed the card
  • Card stock type used

card print history


Current version: Odyssey 19.1
Next version: Odyssey 19.2 (in development)

Highlights: The Odyssey team made several recent enhancements to the new card production feature, letting you print cards directly from the Patron General page. We now support smart cards and have added a way to generate alternate card numbers that auto-sequence. Those using AdminWeb or Odyssey Direct can now re-run reports, exports, and tasks based on a specified date and time with only two clicks! If you use Odyssey to track attendance, we developed the Classroom Attendance Summary report which lists patrons who attended an event or class for a defined date range and set days of the week:

classroom attendance


Current version: 2.45
Next version: 2.56 releases this June


  • We're currently redesigning the look and feel of the GET CBORD Student platform. We'll have a webinar on June 12 at 2 p.m. ET to unveil the changes.
  • Additional payment acceptance options are underway. Check back this summer for updates.