Spring 2019

We continue to stay current on all new versions of Oracle F&B Simphony, RES 3700, and Appetize point of sale. The team is progressing on CS Gold and Odyssey payment integration to Xenial NEXTEP kiosks for use with Oracle F&B Simphony and RES, and we're planning a pilot of NEXTEP kiosks this summer.

Oracle Food and Beverage:

Current versions: Oracle Simphony 18.2 (cloud and premise-based) for both CS Gold and Odyssey PCS; Oracle Simphony 1.7.6 for both CS Gold and Odyssey PCS, RES 3700 version 5.6


  • Odyssey Interface version 19.1.3 adds support for Board mode to better support operations where most payments are done with a board (meal) tender.
  • CS Gold Interface 18.4.1 for Simphony modified the method of offline transaction uploads, RepeatFixedPrice Meal mode and SVC Deposits. In addition, support was added for the CodeMap SVC Deposit Refund.


Current version: 4.5.9
Next version: 4.6.0

Highlights: Appetize now supports the ELO i-Series V2 and PayPoint V2 point-of-sale hardware.

Summer 2018

Oracle Hospitality

Oracle RES 3700 version 5.6 has been released, supporting:

  • Windows 2016 Server
  • Workstation 310 and the new Windows 10 Kitchen Display Controller 210

CBORD will soon be validating Simphony 18.2 (Simphony "2.X") which includes support for Windows 2016 and SQL Server 2016.