End-of-Maintenance Notice for NSS Diet Office Room Service

August 20, 2020

Dear Valued CBORD® Customer:

Engineering maintenance for the NSS® Diet Office Room Service application will move to Maintenance Only on August 31, 2020 and to End-of-Maintenance (support only) on December 1, 2020.

NSS Room Service is CBORD’s first-generation room service application designed for Windows-based, desktop PCs, or laptops used in room service call centers. As room service and mobile devices evolved, patient food service operators wanted additional patient-ordering options and greater functionality. In response, in June 2012, CBORD released Room Service Choice™, a web-based application designed for browser-based mobile devices and call center computers. Room Service Choice allows hospitals to easily tailor a program to fit their operations (on-demand room service, traditional trayline, or a combination) and patient ordering preferences.

End-of-life Milestones for NSS Room Service

CBORD Application Milestone Date
NSS Room Service CBORD End-of-Sale 1/30/2015
NSS Room Service CBORD Maintenance Only * (v20.5)s 8/31/2020
NSS Room Service CBORD End-of-Maintenance ** (v20.5) 12/1/2020

* CBORD Maintenance Only: CBORD will continue to provide technical support and necessary fixes but will no longer provide any enhancements.

** CBORD End-of-Maintenance: Technical support will continue, however, CBORD will no longer provide bug fixes and enhancements.

Migration Path
Version 20.5 will be the final engineering release of NSS Room Service. All legacy Room Service customers are encouraged to upgrade to a current NSS version and migrate to Room Service Choice.

Room Service Choice
Over the past 8 years, numerous enhancements have been added to Room Service Choice and companion applications such as Mobile Tray Monitor with Tray Pickup and CBORD Patient App (for patient self-ordering). Room Service Choice improves operator efficiency with innovative drag-and-drop screen layouts, button groupings/color assignment for "build your own (burger, pizza, salad)" concepts, and the ability to add menu items quickly through abbreviations, search, or filter options.

Safety and satisfaction are also increased with the ability to identify patients who’ve missed 2 or 3 meals, even across dates (e.g., missed today's breakfast and last night's dinner) with on-screen filters and alerts vs. printed reports. We will continue development, maintenance, and enhancement of the Room Service Choice application for desktop and mobile devices with releases every 5 weeks.

Technical Support
CBORD Technical Support Center assistance for the NSS Room Service application will continue for all customers who continue to license the product.

As always, CBORD is committed to providing you with innovative products designed to meet your needs in today’s competitive marketplace. We appreciate your business and look forward to partnering with you as you grow.

Please contact the healthcare sales team if you have additional questions.