Spring 2019

The CBORD housing team is working to complete the transition from HMS to ResCenter and provide a hosted solution by Q2 2020. We will focus on the student web portion of the housing product for the rest of this year. This student-facing component is being worked into our overall initiative to help you deliver an exceptional experience to your students!


Current version: 19.1 (available for general release)
Next version: 19.2 (in development)

The ResCenter login process now features improved security. As a result of this change, ResCenter users are required to update their password upon first login to ResCenter after upgrading to v18.3 or higher.

ResCenter Communications Module:

  • Patron Module:
    • A Bulk Communication option has been added to communicate, either by email or printed document, to multiple patrons. The Bulk Communication page uses the Advanced Find function for users to search for patrons. The Bulk Communication Outbox provides a detailed record of Bulk Email and Printed Document Communication messages. For each message, a user can view a record and result of each step of the communication process.
    • When viewing the Communication Items grid on the Patron > Communications tab, there is an optional Tags column to display any tags associated with the template of a patron message. Tags can be used to organize your communications.
    • The new Conversations function allows a ResCenter user to send and receive instant messages with patrons who have a GET CBORD Student account. For an institution's staff members, Conversations can be used to request or send information to a patron quickly. Similarly, by sending messages with Conversations, patrons can communicate efficiently and securely with staff members from the GET CBORD Student website or the GET CBORD Student app on a mobile device. Before using the Conversations function, an institution must have an active Contact Management license and the GET CBORD Student product.
  • Facilities Module:
    • "Add Facilities" Page Performance has been improved upon in our effort to increase efficiency in the ResCenter product.
    • Manual Assignment and Change Room Facility search performance has been improved to shorten search times.

Summer 2018


The CBORD housing team is continuing to complete the transition to ResCenter. We have been focusing on the new Communication Center in ResCenter which will replace HMS Contact Management. Our goal is to increase the usability of the function and improve the user experience. This student facing component is being worked into our overall focus on the student! We are excited to see many of you at UGC 2018 and where we will showcase the Communication Center!

Current version: 18.2
Next version: 18.3 is ready for beta testing. Please email Sarah if interested slh@cbord.com.

Highlights from V18.2:

  • HMS Contact Management records can be viewed in ResCenter on the Communications tab.
  • Work Order page performance is improved with the addition of the search box.
  • Continued refinement of formatting and styling to improve the user experience and accessibility.
  • Attachment type fields added to Advanced Find for Patron.
  • Can view roommate/suitemate information in the Patron section.
  • Summary of Inventory Items added to Maintenance section.